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The Morrison Government is supporting job seekers in Longman to get a driver’s licence in a move that will help address a significant barrier to many entering the workforce.

People participating in employment services through a jobactive provider will be eligible to access increased support for driving lessons to help them complete the required hours to get their driver’s licence.

In addition, jobactive providers can also support job seekers with other travel costs such as public transport and fuel.

With nearly one third of job seekers on the jobactive caseload indicating they do not currently hold a driver’s licence, around 330,000 individuals may be eligible for the support nationally.

Minister for Employment, Workforce, Skills, Small and Family Business, Stuart Robert said the assistance would be particularly helpful for people living in outer-suburban and regional areas who need to travel greater distances to get to their place of employment or training.

“A critical part of succeeding at an interview or at a new job is being able to travel to and from work easily— which is why I have directed this change to ensure job seekers are able to more easily travel safely to training, interviews or to start a new job or apprenticeship,” he said.

“As we continue to suppress the virus, getting as many Australians into work as possible is critical to securing our economic recovery, and helping job seekers get a driver’s licence will increase their independence and mobility as well as boosting their prospects for getting into work.”

Member for Longman Terry Young said this initiative would help job seekers across the region who were struggling to afford the costs associated with getting a license.

“Getting people into work is something I am very passionate about and this is a fantastic initiative that will help reducing barriers for many people in my electorate.

“A critical part of succeeding at an interview or at a new job is being able to travel to and from work easily.

“Our jobs plan, outlined in the recent Budget, is to connect people with jobs today and upskill our workforce for the jobs of tomorrow and contributes to the Morrison Government’s plan to get all Australians who should be working into a job.”

Driving lessons can be cost prohibitive for many, generally costing between $55 and $70 an hour.

For more information on the range of support available to job seekers, visit:

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