Plan for Longman

Sub heading


Create new jobs and support manufacturing

New jobs are created in a strong economy. We’re helping create jobs throughout Queensland across all sectors, including manufacturing.
Our plan to lower taxes and boost investment incentives helps businesses to create jobs and make our communities stronger.


Reducing local traffic congestion

I’m working to deliver better, safer roads and bust congestion.


Protecting our local environment

I know how important it is to protect and preserve our local environment for future generations and take practical steps to address climate change.
The Coalition’s Climate Solutions Package is a practical plan that ensures we meet our emissions reduction targets while keeping our economy strong.


Supporting families with better health and education

I want to make sure families in our area have access to the best education opportunities, from early learning to university.
The LNP is delivering record investment in local schools and over 6,400 local families are benefiting from our New Childcare Package.