About Terry

It was his love for the local community that motivated Terry Young to run for the seat of Longman.

As a small business owner who was raised in Kallangur, he realised that the people of Longman needed a strong and unwavering voice to represent them in Parliament House and to ensure that the people of Longman receive their fair share of federal funds to improve the lives of every citizen of this great community.

An average, every day Australian who had never set foot in politics before being elected as the Federal Member for Longman, Terry has made it his vision and mission to make Longman the best place in Australia to live and he has set out to deliver and achieve this.

Terry first realised how hard it can be in a small business after opening his Chandler’s store in 1992 and then as the owner of The Good Guys at Morayfield. A big believer in small businesses getting involved in the community, Terry built a reputation as someone who was always willing to donate goods to charities and sponsor local sporting teams.

He credits his experience as a business owner, family man and community member as giving him a great understanding of the diverse needs the people of Longman face.

He will fight for jobs creation, reducing crime and drug use, continued border protection, ensuring our precious environment is protected, supporting the Domestic Violence Support Unit, improving our roads, protecting all Australians financial futures and development of local businesses.

To the people of Longman, he promises that they will always receive 100% of him and he will fight for them with every breath.