I Support a Fairer Price for our Dairy Farmers!

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I’ve always been pure true blue when it comes to buying milk from our Australian dairy farmers. 

Whether you love nothing better than an icy cold glass of milk on a hot day or pour it over your cereal of a morning, you can’t deny that Australian dairy is an important staple of the everyday Australian’s diet.

Over the last twelve months, farmers have endured high input costs due to floods, droughts, fires and now COVID19, but remarkably still been able to keep Australians fed and clothed.

It is only fair that retailers play their part in giving farmers a leg up during this difficult time. This is a way of making amends for the damage done to the industry during the years of $1 milk prices.

The Morrison Government has asked the supermarkets to consider increasing the amount of support they collect from consumers on private label milk and to also consider applying similar measures to branded milk and other products across the refrigerated dairy cabinet.

This would allow the benefits of the supermarkets’ levy to be distributed more evenly to their Australian dairy farmers.

Do you think a fairer price should be paid to our dairy farmers?

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