Bruce Highway Western Alternative Stage 1 (Caboolture West)

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The Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) is undertaking a planning study to investigate options for a new transport corridor through Caboolture West in the Moreton Bay region between Moorina and Moodlu.

The study is funded 50-50 by the State and Federal Governments contributing $10 million each.

The Bruce Highway Western Alternative through Caboolture West is an approximately 10km section of the North Brisbane – Bruce Highway Western Alternative (BHWA) corridor.


The corridor will provide an alternative route to the Bruce Highway and help alleviate congestion and accommodate future growth in the area.

The future BHWA corridor is a total length of 57km, stretching roughly between Stafford and Beerburrum.

To accommodate the expected growth in the region, we are developing a structured planning approach to confirm transport needs, evaluate options, and prioritise and scope infrastructure projects in the north Brisbane and Moreton Bay areas.

Planning is being progressed as a priority, given the urgent need to identify the land requirements and protect the land through Caboolture West, which is at high risk of being compromised due to the rapid pace of development in the area.


The Australian and Queensland governments are partners in the delivery of the North Brisbane – Bruce Highway Western Alternative project. The Australian Government has committed $10 million to the project under the Major Project Business Case Fund and the Queensland Government has committed $10 million to the project on a 50:50 (federal:state) basis. 

Current status

The project is currently in the planning phase.

Before a suitable corridor through Caboolture West can be identified and protected from future development, we are preparing to undertake community consultation with key stakeholders and the community. Three concept options are proposed with planning to identify a preferred option, pending feedback from the community.

The 3 concept options for the future motorway have been broadly identified as:

Eastern option

The Eastern alignment option starts to the south-east of the Sheepstation Creek Reserve in Moorina and travels northwards towards the D’Aguilar Highway at Moodlu. The corridor avoids the Sheepstation Creek Reserve.

The Eastern option would have the most significant impact on existing dwellings. It also runs through a number of areas that are below the one-in-one-hundred-year flood level. However, it is mostly flat terrain which would reduce the need for significant earthworks during construction.

Central option

The Central option starts in Moorina, south of Caboolture River Road, and travels north towards the D’Aguilar Highway, staying close to the powerline easement. It ends about halfway between Moodlu and Wamuran on the D’Aguilar Highway, avoiding high-value koala habitat areas.

The Central option provides significant benefits in the connections it would enable through the area. There are a few existing dwellings in the proposed area.

Western option

The Western option starts at the same location as the Central option and then turns west towards Old North Road, following the existing road where possible.

It will provide limited connections for the area.

Difficult terrain in this area will make construction complex and expensive, with very significant works needed to establish a road. It is also longer than the other 2 options.


TMR is dedicated to minimising potential impacts to the environment or areas of cultural significance from transport projects.

TMR will carefully consider the social, economic and environmental sustainability of the Bruce Highway Western Alternative and actively engage the community for feedback as part of the planning process.


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