Let’s Get It Done – Boot The Ute Tax

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Labor’s proposed “Ute tax” tries to force Australians to purchase electric vehicles or EV’s by slugging manufacturers with an additional tax/levy if they don’t sell enough EV’s over their entire fleet of vehicles.

Not only does this go against our basic democratic right to choose what best suits our own individual lifestyles, it would be grossly unfair to manufacturers who mainly sell commercial vehicles like utes and trucks, where there is no EV option on the vehicles they sell due to range, towing and load capacity etc.

These manufacturers would be at a major disadvantage. If an EV suits someone’s lifestyle and they want to buy one, I say knock yourself out, but those people like tradies, people travelling long distances or people towing caravans where there is no EV currently that will do the job, they cannot be penalised in our democratic country.

It’s up to the EV manufacturers to come up with vehicles that address the issues that currently prevent people from purchasing their products. 

Tell the Labor Federal Government to stop trying to control our lives and sign my “Boot The Ute Tax Petition” and send them a clear message.

Help us Boot The Ute Tax by signing my petition below!

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